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Become an author


Apply to our author program

We decided to give some authors a chance to publish their stories on our app.

For this we have a small survey, to check if you’re the right canditate for our app.

These points are important for us:

  • You don’t share the same version of this story on another interactive story app.
  • Scenes can and should be steamy but we don’t do porn.
  • Your story should minimum have 30 chapters parted in 3 seasons (each 10 chapters)
  • At least 10 chapters of your story need to be written upfront
  • Minimum 4 premium choices per chapter
  • Your story version need to be in English.
  • If your story is successfull it will be monetized and you will earn money with it.

Want to join lovepages? Then fill in our survey. We’re definitely looking forward to hear from you!

Bitte gib deine E-Mail ein, sodass wir in Kontakt bleiben können.